Iphone 16gb or 32gb difference

I believe sooner or later the limitation will become very frustrating and you will regret it.


I had the minimum amount of storage on my last iphone, an iphone 4 with just 6 gb of storage. Only toward the end did I feel limited, had to delete things, etc.

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  2. Apple is right, 16 GB is more than enough space on your phone.
  3. The 32GB iPhone 6s is finally a thing, but you should avoid it like the plague.
  4. 16GB, 32GB or 64GB -- which storage capacity should I buy?.
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Only near the end did I wish I had more storage. So I figured 16 gb more than twice the capacity I had before would be fine.

Apple is right, 16 GB is more than enough space on your phone - Techzim

I'm no tech type so I don't know if it is the size of the apps or what but already half the space is filled up. It will save you a lot of headache later on. These customers use their phone for a few key activities and are not interested in storing half their life in their pocket. Because most of their data is in the cloud, they may be able to squeeze only the critical files they need on a 16GB model and access the rest over the internet.

The 32GB version is the one I recommend for most users. It gives you plenty of space for photos, music and apps. You can use your device for months without deleting a file and still have room to spare. If you are unsure what capacity to buy, then buy the 32GB model. In my opinion, the 64GB model is an option that only extreme users should consider.

These folks are dealing with a lot of large files and are not the average users. For most casual users, the 64GB option is overkill. Many iOS users turn to iCloud or other cloud apps to store files remotely and not locally on their device.

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With iCloud, users can store iBooks, music, movies and the last 30 days or Photo Stream photos. These items can sit in iCloud and you can re-download them when needed. Apple also introduced iTunes Radio in iOS 7. As the iPhone does not have an option to extend the memory after purchase, you have to choose the right amount of storage right from the beginning.

16GB, 32GB or 64GB — which storage capacity should I buy in my next iPhone?

You can always manage how much space you use by manually choosing which data to sync music, photos, movies, apps. Generally more available space gives you the freedom of not having to manage your sync settings too much. Other than cost for the initial purchase and potentially to repair or replace it and size, there is no measurable difference in performance, battery life or other function between any of the iPhone 5 models for sale and certainly within the same carrier in case one LTE model uses slightly more power than another. The same goes for each iPhone and iPad and iPod model going back to the first generation of hardware.

Rather than focus on the marketing terms, I like to point out that the usable space isn't really 16 GB on the entry level devices.

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A quick survey of friends has shown that you can expect the following amounts of usable space on an iPhone 5 with iOS This is the space you will have once the OS is loaded and you start to put HD movies, 28 megapixel panoramic photos and HD quality video onto the device. I have used a 16 GB model iPhone 4 for two years and as a moderately heavy user of iOS apps for work, do constantly run low on space on the device. I have paid for iTunes Match, and only sync one episode of the 15 podcasts audio only so the audio portion is really the songs I listen to all the time.

I do have Apps on the device, but the combined load of the data plus the application of the top 30 takes up 6. The rest of the apps use less than 30 MB of space that is 0. Before I dive in and give some more advice, I'll leave you with one piece of what I hope is wisdom. Consider how much it costs to replace the device if you drop it on a cement sidewalk.

Iphone 5s (32Gb) vs Iphone 5s (16Gb)

Also, consider whether you already know how much you will spend on apps - a new user might be better off not being "phone-rich" and "app-poor" from the start. When I bought my " Each person buying the device can certainly live with 16 GB by taking time to prune things, pay for iTunes Match and clear out video and large game apps periodically so it starts to become how much you value your time and whether you will really use the phone as a computer or just make calls and play games on it. Neither is wrong, just that we all have different use cases. Since the hardware is identical other than storage size, each of us now has a framework to decide if you'll also have an iPod touch in a larger capacity or an iPad I had a 32 GB iPad when I got this phone and now carry a 64 GB iPad to compensate for my phone's limited storage on the go and want to skimp on your iPhone.

By looking at where else you could spend that up charge for a 32 GB model on perhaps more apps, more insurance, or more eating dinner out. How big is your iTunes library?

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