New battery iphone 4s not charging

If the issue persists after restoring as new, you should offer the device for service. If you're not able to restore the device, this one might help: I agree with your thoughts. The odd part is plugging it in will cause the phone to recognize the power source and it stops losing charge, so power is getting in through the connector. Even so that could still be the issue. Yeah if you're able to restore the device and maybe even get a chance to try with another charger, the iPhone defenitely needs service. Assuming you replaced the battery yourself, jesterwylde is correct in believing it needs to be serviced.

Unfortunately, Apple won't touch it. Jun 27, 9: I have the exact same issue so I upgraded but I still want to fix mine so did you get to the bottom of it? Jun 28, 3: Aug 6, 6: I am working between 3 iphone 4 right now and I had the same problem. I took the original battery off the other I phone and I put it on the other one and it recognized it.

I hope that helpt. May 16, 1: I inherited my 4s from my son when he upgraded to a 5. He said "the battery has never worked right". What I discovered was that it was extremely sensitive to the charger: It had nothing to do with cleaning the connector, hard-rebooting, or other simple solutions. It's like there's a circuit inside that determines if it's going to charge from whatever power is being applied, and rejecting most everything.

Just too sensitive. Then, it got so sensitive, that only 1 in 50 attempts to charge would work allow charging , then it would not charge with anything. This ramp down happened within a day.

iPhone 4 with problems after attempted battery connector repair

I found if I powered-down fully, I could re-charge the battery Hoping that the problem was now the battery itself, I replaced the battery. The first replacement was fully drained upon arrival, and would cycle through a blank screen and the apple logo So, I figure there is some circuit that gives the "go" or "no go" to incoming power, and that circuit was always out of spec, but is now totally fried, and the only way to allow charging and only at a trickle is to bypass the circuit by powering down. May 16, 4: The iPhone 4 does not have a check on the power source. The iPhone 5 and later does. Most likely the problem is dirt in the connector on the bottom of the phone, or a bent pin.

I hope someday that Apple will listen to what some of us consumers would like to keep and have in their devices. Thank you for a very interesting article. In the past several years I have never had a battery ran out because I upgraded the phone before I got to the point; however,I spent a lot of money on this iPhone 6 Plus and I hope to keep it as long as possible.

The phone still works fairly well after being charged times. I have considered purchasing a battery online but am not sure how this will work in the long run. Has anyone else had this issue? About that water damage on your 5c: I bought a replacement battery from iFixit and replaced the battery in my used iPhone5s.

I live in a fringe reception area for cell service and that could very well be part of the problem. Buy a Samsung! Usage wasnt an issue at the time, because my buddy had his phone face down during our meal. I tend to forget the manage power tips. There are many sub functions that use extra power.

Like location services, and such. Thanks for the post. You need to do better …. I have a Iphone 7plus… and its on its way diwn after 1 years ….

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I have a 6S that dies all the time. Even when it is charged. I got a new battery not from Apple and it is still doing it, also did a factory reset. I forgot I have AppleCare and was also told there was a recall for this issue. The recall info on Apple asks for the serial and upon entering it says either my phone serial does not qualify OR the battery has already been replaced.

Question — can they know I changed the battery by the phone serial? I assume that my phone serial does not qualify even though it has the problem and that message about the battery is referring to those that have already been to Apple for a new battery. I am wondering if I should get an apple battery from the repair place to put back in for when I go to the apple store? Apple will not touch your iPhone one you put a third party battery in it.. The battery has never been the issue on my 4 former 5s. Successively, they have all suffered from the exact same malady, constant crashing, rebooting and eventual just plain death.

My last 2 were not out of the box a week when they commenced to reboot themselves, red wavy lines appearing on the screen, not unusual for this to happen 5 or more times per day. I finally gave up and went to the 7.

iPhone 4S Troubleshooting

The Applecare experience itself is enough to make the most patient person want to swallow arsenic. You indeed enter a maze of twisty little passages hoping against hope to emerge with both your sanity and a resolution. Damn them, but this is the phone I like, so I will just continue with my iPhone therapy groups! Seems like every couple days something else is happening. I think besides intentionally having battery cause slowdown on battery, the entire phone is programmed to eventually need to be replaced. Durable and cute- the clear, top layer peels in places after the first couple weeks, which fades the pattern beneth.

Don’t Ditch Your iPhone Over a Bad Battery | iFixit

Other than that, great, protective product. Would reccomend! I mean The iPhone 6 battery is so expensive to replace. When my phone broke I had to buy my iphone parts canada at https: If batteries are consumable and will inevitably wear out. Then why on Earth is the battery sealed in on iPhones?

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Instead of being replaceable where you simply open the back of the phone and swipe the battery for another one? Like Androids of past better times. Hundreds of dollars is too much for a disposable product.

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