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In our tests, both scanners worked very well, quickly recognizing the fingerprints they had been trained for. Both Samsung and Apple placed stereo speakers on the bottom edge of their respective tablets where they broadcast sound away from the user. Better designed models from rival companies have front-facing ones.

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Apple has the capability to tune iOS to its processor, and that shows in the benchmark scores, as the its flagship tablet pulled in a on Geekbench 3. That said, both offer outstanding performance and are quite capable of handling not just day to day functioning but the most demanding third-party applications. More RAM is generally better, though it can be a bit of a power drain.

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The Air 2 is available in a range of storage capacities: Samsung is generally good about releasing at least one OS upgrade for its popular models, but has not yet committed to version 6. A new feature of the iPad Air 2 thanks to the recent release of iOS 9 is split-screen multitasking.

Neither has a flash. Both do a decent job of taking non-demanding pictures. The front camera Apple used has just a 1.

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In the same test, the Galaxy Tab S2 9. The 64GB version of both cost the same.

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With all factors taken into account, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9. It had a physical keyboard to go with a touchscreen then. That along with data before Apple had any of these features years before them! Fact is…. Truth be told….

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A patent Samsung infamously offered Apple after Steve Jobs so lamely insulted by using their patents without paying anything and then sued them!!! Stabbed in the BACK!!! Smartphone that went through FCC in August Just as every other totally brainwashed Apple share holder and fan online today!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 vs. Apple iPad Air 2

Without that….. Wow, bitter much? Fact is that this is my first ever apple product and it kicks butt over any Samsung I have had. Try antutu benchmarks. My device registered 70, on antutu. Read our comprehensive iPad 2 review and our Samsung Galaxy Tab The Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Nook Colour vs.

For starters, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is thinner and lighter than the iPad 2, despite featuring a larger display. It's also the first Android tablet we've seen that places a huge emphasis on design, both in hardware and software. With this in mind, how does the Samsung Galaxy Tab The iPad 2 is faster, lighter and 33 per cent thinner than the original iPad.

It weighs g, and comes in both black and white models. The curved design of the back of the iPad 2 makes it comfortable to hold, and it is relatively thin given the size of its screen. The iPad 2 is ideal for use in either portrait or landscape layouts, and its built in accelerometer rotates quickly and without delay. The Galaxy Tab That is ever so slightly thinner than the 8. Although a mere 0. The lightweight design makes it easy to use single-handed, and very comfortable to hold for long periods.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab The materials used are of a high quality, right from the glossy black bezel surrounding the display, to the soft-feeling, rubber-style plastic that adorns the rear, and the stylish curved edges. The 9. Though the iPad 2 has the same oleophobic screen coating as the iPhone 4 , its larger size means a few taps on the display quickly results in a grubby mess that is hard to clean.

The iPad 2 also has another serious flaw — its display is virtually impossible to see in direct sunlight, which is a huge issue on a device that's designed for portability and travel.