Is there an app to make rage comics

Walking around the mall and witness some stupidity? Create a Rage Comic and share it with the world!

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And if you end up not liking the app, then just create a comic about it. When you fire this thing up, you can choose how many panels your comic will have, and set the height and width of it. The user experience of this app is quite brilliant, allowing you to move your characters wherever you like, import photos from your camera roll, and flip images around to create the perfect Rage Comic.

iRageMaker iOS App Review (Create rage comics on your ipad)

Now go make your own and link them up in the comments! Read next: Why games could be coming to Brazil's App Store on Dec. Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail. Rage Comics: Appstore for Android

Prefer to get the news as it happens? Follow us on social media. On top of a caption for each of up to four pictures for your collage or comic strip, you can position your speech or thought bubbles. Customize your photos from the gallery or camera with the memes provided.

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You can crop and rotate your uploaded pictures easily by pinching your touchscreen before including them in your text. The free version only allows you to create up to five custom memes. Stick over a hundred of your favourite meme faces onto your photos and add adjustable captions and speech bubbles! The plus of Mememizes! Expect the whole meme family to be at your fingertips with this app for just 99 cents. What more can you ask for? Let the trolling begin.

You can even adjust the position, angle, size and orientationi of the meme to fit on your object of desire. Then, share them with your friends.


This has got to be the app with the largest library of memes — with thousands of memes and optional free-pack downloads plus in-app purchases of more than memes. You can also choose your favourite font, size and color for the caption.

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There are lots of sharing options as well. Give your memes that extra touch by placing add-on graphics such as the moustache, geek specs, piggy nose, etc.

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Simpel to use; fast results. All you need to do is either choose a template meme from the library or use your own pictures then key in your scalable captions. This one has a huge library of over meme faces, and is more for advanced meme creators who are serious in making full rage-comic strips. You start off with several choices of comic panel; each column can then be customized with rage faces, text, and you can even add hand-drawn images to it.

By far the most detailed meme creator in this list.


An all-in-one meme app that allows you to create Demotivational Posters, Rage Comics and Memes in the studio, you can also join its meme community to check out other meme-makers and their work. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy a better experience. PicMeme Simple and self-explanatory interface that comes with four layout templates.

Mematic Create your meme in four easy steps! Meme Design Apart from using your own pictures for your creation, this app with a sleek-looking interface offers tons of meme templates sorted alphabetically for your pleasure. Meme Maker Yet another easy-to-use instant meme maker. Memefier A very cool app that utilizes the camera function, detects faces and replaces them with meme faces of your choice.

Meme Customize your photos from the gallery or camera with the memes provided.