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With over 50 different tips, cheats, guides to just that! The app is frequently updated. Get the latest updates by watching the videos provided in our in app playlist. Or why not check out what other shared lately in the community part.

Or why not just share your best Sims Freeplay tips and tricks with others. This app is more than just and regular cheat app, try your skills with the quiz! This app contains cheats for the following games and platforms: This is an unofficial cheat and strategy app for The Sims Freeplay.

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Every time I want to see a cheat, an add pops up I get completely out of the app I get back on I mean, who does that! It is so irritating that the adds pop up every few seconds! All the cheats on here don't work but one. The only one that I've seen work was making your sim vomit. Marcus you need to stop tricking people, learn how to spell because you spelled things wrong on the game, and get a life!!! Honestly, this just takes up time and storage. The Sims: Electronic Arts Publisher: Electronic Arts Genre: Simulation Virtual Release: Dec 13, ESRB: Not Set.

Game Center Achievements. How to make your sims vomit. Fast XP. Special occasions. Ghost cash. Money over night! Dog treasure. Sim wont walk to your action? How to change clothes. How to move sim in a house. More money and town value! Simple tips Never sell your cribs! Free exterior walls and roofs. A bed for life! Free LP Christmas task cheat. Four Children Per Family. More than 10 Sims in a House at a Time.

Turn home plots into community locations. Simple advice! The 15 Tips of Truth! More simoleons! Garden money trick.

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Getting Divorced for XP points. How To Earn Money! Age for a few LP without a cake. The Riches of Terra, Need money? Best Way to get money! Have all your sims planting. Exit out of game and go to settings. Next double click on home screen and delete app history. Return to game and all your plants should be done. Dec 22, 23, 24 until you see the hours on the party boat go down.

You can do this as many times as you'd like: Type a word or phrase to search for. Some search terms you might find useful: Your Cheats You are not logged in. So be careful if you don't want to loose your current data. That being said This isnt my video, but I've been searching all morning and this one was the only one that worked. Gave me , simoleons and , LPs Again, it requires you to download and upload NEW data, so this is probably a one time cheat Watch the video.

Free,fast cheats Added 23 Nov , ID It's free so just purchase a card and then go on the sims and buy the amount you want and then just click buy or purchase and voila! You just got free stuff. Added 23 Nov , ID Next, go to the sims and find what you want sorry it can't be a package just Simoleons and Life points,sorry. Finally, it automatically connects so don't worry about email, the moment you've been waiting for, you get the card and go to the sims,click on the exact amount you wanted in the small box and then buy it!

Police station cheat for simsfreeplay Added 15 Jun , ID Finally found a cheat for 5. I used it on my IOS so I don't know if it will work for androids 1. Get 2 sims working at the police station make the help the other sims or whatever you do 2. After the sims are working dubel tapp the home button and close the game 3. After 3 second open the app and the action that the sims in the police station were doing is done.

Hope this help. How to auction on a neighbours podium Added 18 Mar , ID Well first of all your neighbour should buy a real estate podium found at promotion r you s store. Then when they put it in their home tap in it and it will ask auction. Move your baby out of crib without completing the the nanny quest! Or buying rattler Added 22 Feb , ID So I found out a way to move your baby out of the crib without having to complete the nanny quest or buy a rattle like people have suggested! The only thing is that you have to have a puppy or kitten in the house.

If you do: Then cancel this action 3. The baby's on the ground. Now you can interact with the baby and complete all the actions otherwise unavailable unless the nanny quest is completed, I believe! I'm not sure if this glitch works for everyone, but give it a try!

Watch the video. When you reach Level 7 you will unlock the 'Money Grows on Trees' quest which once completed will enable you to grow the Simeleon Sprout by tapping on a garden patch and select the 'Simoleon Sprout' option.

The Sims: FreePlay Cheats for iPhone - iPad

Then just spin the wheel and see how much money you win. Quick and Easy money!!! Added 12 Nov , ID Sim ply have many adult sims in the same house, and this works best with a lot of sims and a lot of gardening thingies and you put all of the sims to work on planting the free 30 second thing, and just keep putting them to work over, and over, and over, and over and over and over and over and over again. Good Luck!!! Slow but SURE money!!! This only works if you have a dog And an adult in your sims town Make sure that the dog is at FULL happiness 2.

Get eh adult to "Praise" the dog 3. Really the point of this cheat is your dog getting you quick money!!! This cheat can only be used at the beginning of the game When you have finished the tutorial and have control of your town, delete all other sims so you only have the one you started with.

Demolish the houses that other sims lived in and in a house plot build the 'Unfurnished Studio' for free. Once it has finished building tap 'View House. Demolish the house. Birthday cake Added 26 Aug , ID If you don't want to wait 24 hours for your cake to be done all you have to is go in to Sims the double tap your home button and delete sims from your history this won't delete the game the go into settings and Go to general and find date and time then change the date to somewhere in go back to sims then delete it from your history again won't delete the game then go back to settings and.

Change the date back to the current date And go back to sims when you do this you should get 20 thousand coins 2 LP and your birthday cake will be done this worked for me if it didn't for you please try again. Lots of people say you have to log into Facebook and stuff like that but this is one is easy and fast. I did it a few times and now I have an expensive cat, humongous pool and I expanded my house. Go back four years to get 15, coins and 1 LP or go to at least 7 years for 20, coins and 2 LP. Hope this worked for you!

Added 19 Jul , ID First, you need to have your sims do 'WooHoo'. If it doesn't, keep making them do 'WooHoo' or 'Be Romantic' and it will probably work after max 3 times. Hope it works for you. Teen idol unlimited simoleons!!!! Added 3 Apr , ID So this cheat only works once you have the teen idol mansion unlocked For example the price to start this cheat will be lower the less houses you own.

Now what you want to do is buy the teen idol mansion, for me it is around , simoleons but the less houses you own, the cheaper it is, I recomsnd selling most of your houses until you can afford it, and then buying this because it is temporary and you can always rebuild your houses after you become a millionare!! Now that you own the mansion, let it finish building, once completed Repeat this task and you will be a multimillionaire!!!

Shake your device for second. If that doesn't work shake your device for a few more seconds. Then your sim will throw up! I hope this worked for you!! Get several babies for the price of one Added 17 Mar , ID Get an empty crib and click add baby.

The Sims FreePlay

It will then take a few hours but then once it's there click on the baby and give it a name, gender clothes, all that jazz. Once you're done get out of the game, just leave it and close the app. Then go back into the game and do it again until you've had the amount of babies you want. When you do then on your last baby just push done.

The Sims FreePlay

You will need to get cribs for each baby so just drag the cribs on top of the baby and it will put them in it. At the store select the purple tab that has the trolley on it and while it says 'Connecting to Store' press the Square button to be taken to the 'Home' screen.

Wait 10 seconds on the 'Home' screen and then press 'Cancel', when you now return to the store everything will be free. If you buy the coffin bed for 6 Lifestyle points you can sell it for 2, Simoleons, keep repeating this process until you have the amount of money you desire. How to distract the robot Added 8 Feb , ID Ok so this morning I found out that you have to use the wind-up dog to distract the robot! This cheat is simple, first make sure you have less than 3 house already build because the more house you build the more expensive new houses will cost.

When it build finish press it and press view house 3: This cheat works on any Apple device but from my experience, it worked the best on my iPad. Here's the steps I'd advise you read them over once instead of doing them as you read ; 1. Like not even a second after you turn airplane mode off. Keep one finger on the home button when you turn it off 6.

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You must have access to the internet to use this application" let that load. Dont hit retry unless it's been more than 30 seconds. Its okay if you don't see this message, it works sometimes without seeing it. OR you'll get a message saying "connecting to server" 7. You can repeat this numerous times. It works on every update, even the recent one the cooking one. You can change the time back once you're done, your money will still be there. If the first time it doesnt work for you, it should work the second time. The most I've ever had to do it to get it to work on one try was 3.

This cheat DOES work.

Sims FreePlay - Money Cheat IOS/ANDROID (NO Jailbreak Or Computer) - XCultureSimsX

Add me on the game center and see my town. I got all that stuff and to a high level because of this cheat - katie enjoy! Unlimited simolions Added 17 Jul , ID Click off and then go to settings and change time to 9hrs back about.

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  4. Unless it goes into the past day 3. Go back to game 4. Go to settings and return time back to normal. Click back onto game and wait for it to recconect. Hope this works for you! Open Sims Freeplay 2. Click on a construction site and start building it 3. July change it to august 6. When your game will open your construction must have been finished 9. Go to setting and change the Date back to Automatic Make sure you do these steps exactly: Won't work for some things.

    For this cheat you will have to have the social club built, but since it only takes 15 social points just keep doing neighbors task until you have enough points for this. You need at least sims for this. Go to the club and have one person "become" DJ. Then have the rest of your sims dance to the music.

    The more sims you have the better, you get get XP just for dancing. The happier the sim is about dancing the XP they get. So just keep making them dance to the DJ and your XP bar will jump like crazy. This is a super cool cheat which worked for me, but now I think you have to pay LP's for the items since the recent updates, but if you haven't updated the app for along time, it should still work. Keep clicking the toddlers sandpit and swing, and the preteens karate punch set, and the ballet music player. As free items buy as many as possible, I bought around 10, each.

    Go back to your home and get one of the items out. Please comment feedback if it does. Best Cheat Ever!