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Possible values are A, E, A, etc. Make sure that your file has the same name, extension and size. Here's a screenshot This is the best, faster, n00b friendly, safest way to install skins and themes. Prior installing it, you'll also need an application called Busybox, and optionally, ezxpopup.

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Dont worry, these files are included in the download pack. The following steps are copied from his guide, with a couple of modifications to make it more understandable: A and E6 can skip this step. How to install another skin 1. How to delete installed skin 1.

This file is included in the download pack How to install a splash screen with splash installer 1. This file is included in the download pack. How to installed another splash 1. Install a. How to delete installed splash 1. No garbage skins anymore. Go, and enjoy. MySwap Application by imahottguy http: Linux systems typically use a partition as swap space. This is where unused items taking up space in memory are placed until they are needed again so that the memory they are using can be used for something else. Other operating systems use a file on the file system for this purpose, and while Linux can be set up to do the same thing it is typically set up to use a swap partition because it is faster and isolated from the rest of the file systems.

All of that meant that enabling a swap partition in your memory card will allow you to open more apps at the same time, in other word, it increases the performance.

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W00t for that. Typically, it's a fairly difficult process to n00b users. However, imahottguy developed an application to make this as easy as pressing an icon. The procedure to use is very simple. Install the application, and click it. Wait until a pop-up window appears with the message "Swap Activated " and you're done. To disable it, click the icon again, and wait for the pop-up window appears with the message "Swap Deactivated" The first time you run it, it will automatically create a partition in the memory card with a 8 MB size. If you want a MB partition, do the following: First, download the attached MB partition wonderfully compressed to 7 Mb and deactivate swap in your phone.

Next, plug it in to the PC, making sure that it's in mass storage mode. Go to the Swap folder in your memory card, and replace the existing file with the one you downloaded. Now, let's go to the bad side. Did you know that memory cards have limiteds write-erase cycles? Using a swap partition will accelerate this process. A lot. Thanks to cyberoidx and aksd for the heads up. This is a program used to run shell scripts. Once linloader is installed these shell scripts are run by opening the File Manager application on the phone, go to the folder where you have the shell script you want to run, click and hold, choose 'open with' and then choose the "loader" app.

How to Install Linloader This is the program that users have the most problems getting to install correctly - which may have to do with the version of firmware running on the phone. As a result there are several different methods for installing it described in the threads - as well as different versions of the mpkg and linloader download file that people say to use.

The method I described work for me on Bint 08p plus. An alternate method is also described. MPKG must be installed first as you need mpkg to install linloader. Copy the file to the root folder of your SD card Make sure extension says. Unplug the phone from the PC then use the phone's File Manager to find the file. Hold the stylus on the file until a small menu displays. You should hear a bell indicating the program has loaded. Turn the phone off and on and you should see a Loader icon a yellow smiley appearing under Application Launcher.

Alternate Method This method seems to work if you have generic 08p. Follow the instruction given above to install it.

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There is a modified mkpg. Copy that file and overwrite the mkpg. Not sure this step is necessary - but can not hurt!! Download the LinLoader. Rename LinLoader. Follow steps as above. Added items Uploading: Include an image. It's worth a thousand words. Related Questions: Take the phone to a reputable mobile phone engineer or Motorola Service Point for repair.

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While updating the software of phone , all the phone memory contents wud be lost make sure u back it up. Hope it helps u.

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Get hold of another v3i nad replace to charge own battery. R and etc. It can unbrick your motorola. And visit Motox for more infos.

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Not finding what you are looking for? Related Question My mobile is boot loader 0a. Open Questions: What's wrong? Finally find mute switch during a call, turn it off , says mute off with green arrow and then it reverts back to mute! No idea how phone got stuck on mute!

Impossible to get mute to go off. Then it reverts to mute again! Related Topics: Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Add Thread to del. V3i battery low cannot program.

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Root any Device. Mark Forums Read. Motorola P2k A-Series: P T-Series: Thread Tools. Sep Location: Offline Sonork: V3i battery low cannot program i am facing problem in V3i when i attach battery display arrears automatically in bootloader mode it shows Quote: Jun Location: Romania Age: Offline Thanks Meter: Aug Location: